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Company Profile

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KUAN KUN ELECTRONIC ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was founded by General Manager Mr. Su Hui-xiong and has specialized in the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors since 1978. The brand Su'scon is an inspired recombination of Mr. Su's surname with the ending letters of our three major Japanese competitors' brands; c – o - n. In this way, Su'scon has come to mean 'going beyond the competition.' And it is this competitive spirit that drives KUAN KUN to dominate the electrolytic capacitor industry, not just the competition in Japan, but throughout the world. This commitment to quality and R&D are the building blocks of Su'scon's globally renowned reputation we enjoy today.

From product design, material procurement and manufacturing to packaging and shipping, Su'scon has a very strict quality control policy. Our high precision inspection equipment and highly trained technicians implement this policy from beginning to end for every single product. In terms of quality, we meet all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, and in 2010 we acquired the certification of QC 080001, OHSAS 18001 and IATF 16949. In our endeavors to be constantly on the rise, we require each of our staff to follow in suit. Quality is of paramount importance, and it is what we are all about.

Mr. Su embraces environmentalism and fully complies with the policies of ROHS (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances). All products are made with environmentally friendly materials which are lead-free, toxin-free, decomposable and/or recyclable. Despite the price increases of these materials in 2005-2007, KUAN KUN never relented in switching over to their use. Resulting has been a rise in quality of our products as well as heightened customer approval. Since 2007, we employ such testing as SII SEA100A X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of all raw materials, ensuring that any hazardous substances never reach the end user. The brand Su'scon takes an active role in supplying "green" electrolytic capacitors.

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